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One Day, Day One

Food for thought:

Nothing changes until something changes.

Hesitation kills. Take the shot.

After all catastrophic changes comes a new normal, and normal doesn’t exist, so really any new normal is just your current comfort level of chaos.

There’s truth in all fiction.

There’s a little fiction in every truth.

Words last when memory fades. Therefore, authors shape memories.

Never stop taking chances. It may hurt like hell if things don’t go the way you want them to; but it will always hurt worse to live a life wondering what if.

Be grateful for the dark; it makes the light special. Be grateful for the cold, it makes warmth a luxury. Be grateful for loss, it leaves room for something new.

One moment of pure, insane courage coupled with a conscious decision to be completely intolerant of status quo can change the course of your personal history.

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