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Book One of the Fear and Greed Series: Pyramid


Nadine and Lilah joined a multi-level-marketing company to "make a little extra money" and take the pressure off their hard-working husbands.  After experiencing swift and unexpected success, the women find themselves driving flashy cars, going on lavish vacations, and rubbing elbows with the CEO.  Everything seems to be perfect until the pyramid starts to crumble- and their friendship is threatened when one of them stumbles on proof that someone in their upline is a murderer...

Small World.jpeg

Small World

What happens when four American military-dependent kids on the verge of graduating from high school in a foreign country witness an event that changes each of their futures profoundly?



We all have our demons. Most of us try to fight them, numb them, silence them- exorcise them with dogmatic religion and toxic positivity. Alexandra Oliver was the good girl who did everything in the right order and followed all the rules... until the day the rules didn't apply anymore.

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