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I was born a gypsy, wandering the world from birth courtesy the United States Air Force. I hate the question "Where are you from?" because I need clarifiers... do you mean, originally? Or, like, do you mean where I live now?  Or, do you mean where I consider myself to be from based on the criteria of most years spent there?  Because those all have different answers.

Currently, I call Chicagoland home.  If you can imagine one of the biggest, most revered life insurance companies in the world as massive, impenetrable castle... then what I do (when I'm not fantasizing about being Stephen King) is teach the Princes and Princesses of the Castle how to ride horses, slay dragons, and which knife to use first when called to Court for dinner.  So, like Merlin, but way less cool.


I have two kids who seem to tolerate me well and two Great Danes who only care about being fed.  I've been married since forever to a man who does laundry and dishes.  (No, you can't have him.) When I'm not working or writing, I can be found running or binge watching Dateline. My favorite fruit is a fermented grape, preferably aged in a nice Oak barrel.

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