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About ChristaLeigh

I was born a gypsy, wandering the world from birth courtesy the United States Air Force. I hate the question "Where are you from?" because I need clarifiers... do you mean, originally? Or, like, do you mean where I live now?  Or, do you mean where I consider myself to be from based on the criteria of most years spent there?  Because those all have different answers.

Currently, I call Chicagoland home.  I have a day-job helping people with things no one loves to talk about, much less think about- I try to take the burden of these things from my clients so they can enjoy life just a little bit more.  


I have two grown kids who seem to tolerate me well and two Great Danes who only care about being fed.  I've been married since forever to a man who does laundry, dishes, and drives a big truck.  (No, you can't have him.) When I'm not working or writing, I can be found running or binge watching Dateline. My favorite fruit is a fermented grape, preferably aged in a nice Oak barrel.

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