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(Sometimes) My Tell-Tale Heart

Sometimes, I think about how big this house will be without kids in it. I hope it has gravity, and that no matter how far out they go, they can't help but come back every now and again.

Sometimes, when my fingers or feet go numb, I wonder why people associate numbness with a lack of feeling. Because to me numbness hurts.

Sometimes I miss using an atlas. The world was more interesting when it was easier to get lost.

Sometimes I start a song over again from the beginning just to try to remember where I was the first time I heard it.

Sometimes I think I'm remembering something in vivd detail, but the world has changed so much that it convinces me the memory was really a dream. Maybe this is delusion; maybe it's a survival mechanism.

Sometimes, I bite my tongue. But not nearly as often as I should.

Sometimes my heart beats wildly for no reason, like it's ready to run but I'm not going anywhere. I wonder, sometimes, if this will kill me. I also wonder if Poe suffered this same malady, if the Tell-Tale Heart was really his own. If you can't predict it, can't stop it, and can't fix it- might as well write about it.

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