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A Dream to Remember

I'm writing this mostly because I'm bored, partly because I want to remember it, and a smidge because I hope that someone out there reads it and is well-versed in dream interpretation and can tell me what the heck it all means.

I know, I know. People who never remember their dreams, and people who have cool dreams, and most people in general, kinda sorta hate any conversation that begins with "I had this dream last night..." I know. If that's you, you can stop reading right here and I won't judge you. I promise.

But... if you have any kind of inkling to be interested in the dreamworld, you might find this interesting. If you furthermore hold the belief that what we dream is connected to our worlds in a larger way, then I think it's even more intriguing.

So this dream starts with me talking to a friend. We're walking toward a house that looks like the old row homes in the historic suburban areas of Chicago, very boxy with three floors and roof that appeared flat on top, but had a pitched tin roof around the edges. The house was grey with deep red accents, and it was perched by itself on a hill. As we walked to the home, this friend told me that she was worried about losing the house because the company who installed the roof was about to sue her husband; he worked at a bank but had lied about being a roof contractor and he bought all the materials for the roof from that company at a deep discount. They found out and wanted their money back.

She's explaining this weird financial situation in the dream, which obviously made some kind of sense at the time, and as we're talking we walk up to the house, through the front door, up a tiny staircase that leads to a hole in the roof, which we climb up on to. She's very clearly worried about losing her home.

When I stand up on this roof, I look over the direction we just came and it's important to note- I don't think I can use any words in any language to accurately describe the majesty of what I saw. It was as if we were above the clouds, and at first I thought we were looking at the ocean and mountains, but the colors were wrong for the land and sea- the clouds were silver and moving fast- like liquid mercury and what wasn't silver was glimmering with light and appeared gold. The house faded from the dream and my friend was still next to me; she said, "It would be a shame to lose this view, right?" And at that moment, my eyes focused on these... beings? That's the only word that comes close. These beings at first looked like dolphins galloping through the mercury clouds, but as I studied them I saw that they were more birdlike than fishlike, with fat bodies and small wings and long tales. I asked what they were and she told me, but I don't remember this information. I feel like it's worth mentioning that all of the activity in this scene went from right to left- the clouds of glittery metal, the beings flying through them, everything I was watching.

The scene was so mesmerizing and realistic, I remember being very sad in my dream when I turned away from it. Something else happened here, something I can't remember and don't recall why, but know that as usual in the dream I told myself specifically to remember it. But I don't.

The next thing I do remember, I am standing, feet on the ground in a place I recognized as a flight line, with a communication tower to my right and bright blue sky in front of me. A low growl started, that turned into a loud roar, and in front of me, again from right to left, I saw a formation of airplanes; first a few smaller Leer jets, then normal sized passenger planes, then one huge one- the likes I've only actually been in or seen a few times- the kind that has three levels for passengers and looks like it shouldn't fly. They're taking off in formation. Anyway, on the side of this sucker, clear as day in my dream, was an official government seal of some sort (not ours, and it wasn't Air Force One) and even though I don't recall what exactly WAS on the seal, I knew that these were "medivac" flights and their passengers were either the sick or the dead.

When I woke up, I felt like I didn't sleep at all. So... confusing, enchanting, foreboding? I don't know. You tell me.

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